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Selly Oak Nursery School

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Our Governing Board

On 1st September 2018 Selly Oak Nursery School federated with 11 other Local Authority Maintained Nursery Schools. We have a shared vision to achieve a single sustainable organisation, city wide, with strong strategic governance and leadership delivering an inclusive and safe child-led learning experience, strong family partnerships and outstanding outcomes for all children.  

The 12 schools are clustered into 4 smaller groups, each served by a 'Local Committee'. These groupings are:


Allens Croft Nursery School              Kings Norton Nursery School           

Lillian De Lissa Nursery School         Adderley Nursery School

Jakeman Nursery School                   Selly Oak Nursery School                     

St Thomas Centre Nursery School    Gracelands Nursery School

Shenley Fields Nursery School         Weoley Castle Nursery School            

Newtown Nursery School                  Highfield Nursery School


Our elected governors are:


Sean Delaney- Operations Manager at CREC - Chair of Governors

Sue Sidaway - Coopted Governor - Vice Chair of Governors

Laura Brodie - Head Teacher - Allens Croft NS

David Aldworth - Executive Head Teacher - Jakeman NS & Shenley Fields NS


Maureen McGillicuddy - Head Teacher at Kings Norton NS

Yvonne James - Head Teacher - Selly Oak NS

Lesley Harris - Head Teacher - Weoley Castle NS


Mandy Cryan - Head Teacher - Lillian DeLissa NS

Sue Bennett - Head Teacher - St Thomas Centre NS

Clair Twigg - Acting Head Teacher - Newtown NS


Sharon Lewis - Head Teacher - Highfield NS & Interim Head Teacher at Adderley NS

Vanessa Frank - Head Teacher - Gracelands NS


Gemma  Weston - Parent Governor


Yasmin Akhtar - Coopted Governor

Linda Pain - Coopted Governor

John Taylor - Coopted Governor

Sally Andrews - Coopted Governor

Michelle Howles - Cooped Governor

Natalie Evans - Coopted Governor

Kenneth Lewis - Coopted Governor

John Ritsun - Coopted Governor


Rhian Thompson - Clerk - SIPS Education


Our Local Committee:

Selly Oak Nursery School

Weoley Castle Nursery School

Kings Norton Nursery School         


Our Local Committee Voting Governors are:


Natalie Evans  - Safeguarding Governor

Lesley Harris  - Head Teacher

Yvonne James - Head Teacher

Maureen McGillicuddy - Head Teacher   

Kenneth Lewis

Gemma Weston

Linda Pain - SEND Governor


Our Governor Business Interests Table on the 'policies/ documents page of this site will be repopulated once the new Governing Board has been finalised and this information has been made available by our Clerk.

Contacting Governors

You can contact the Chair of the Board (Mr Sean Delaney) by sealed letter via our school office.

To contact the Clerk to the Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools send an email to

To contact our Local Committee Clerk, Sarah Cooper, please send an email to


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